Beach Volleyball Rules


A beach volleyball game essentially comprises of an inflated ball, a net, a court and two players on each side. The first ever game recorded took place at the Outrigger Canoe Club upon Waikiki Beach, in Hawaii.

The two-player format was begun in Santa Monica, California which has become the norm practised in professional volleyball games all over the world. This particular game was included at the Summer Olympics of 1996.

Beach Volleyball Rules

Every volleyball game maintains a set protocol and is played based on the rules specified by its governing body Federation Internationale-de-Volleyball (FIVB).

Volleyball can be played as a mixed or a singles game, which means the two players representing a team can comprise of a woman and a man, or 2 women or 2 men. When playing a professional game, a referee checks the tactics of the players to ensure fair play.

Additionally, there are a few specifications to be kept in mind, when playing a beach volleyball game. They are:

Court Dimension

The existence of a court dimension makes it easier to keep one’s focus directed to a confined area. A basic disregard of the court dimensions can result in the loss of a point which is a risk you must not be willing to take, in case you wish to score points or rather win the game.

The length of a beach volleyball court is 52 feet and 6 inches long, with a width of 26 feet and 3 inches.

A court comprises of a playing area and a free zone of a minimum width of 9 feet 10 Inches. You must be cautious of the lines, when you play because in case the ball falls upon an undetermined area, a replay will be demanded.

Also, the court has 2 side lines and 2 end lines to mark the area of play, and keen attention must be paid to contain yourself with the boundary line.

This need not be noted in the case of a server, as they must step outside the rear court to start the game with a serve.

Net Height

The purpose of a net is to divide the court into two equal halves that look like 2 squares. It gives an equal court space to the players of both the teams.

The standard net height for men and women varies in consideration of their physiologies. For men, the net height is placed at 7 feet 11 5/8 inches and for the women at 7 feet 4 1/8 inches.


In order to score a point, the two teams must engage in a rally where a server must try to throw the ball over the net and ground it into another’s court space. The players at the other end must try to stop their opponent from doing so, to avoid loss of a point.

If the players are in a single match game, the team that scores the first 15 points wins. If the best of 2 is looked into, then the team that attained the 11-point target before their opponent is the winner.

When a 3-match formula is applied to the game, a team must win at least 2 games in order to win the match. Plus, the first team to score 7 points wins the final match. There is plenty more to the game in case you intend to take up the game professionally.


I hope that the next time you attempt to play the game, you will brush up on the Beach volleyball rules that you were informed of in this article.