The history of volleyball in USA and Canada

Volleyball is a game that requires six people to form a team. A game will, therefore, consist of 12 people. Only two teams can play a game at a go. The two teams are separated by a net. The volleyball game was actually so dormant until it participated in the 1964 summer Olympics!

The history of volleyball traces its root back to 1895 when William G Morgan, an enthusiast invented it in the USA! What inspired Morgan to invent this game was the existence of other games such as the Basketball, Tennis, handball and also the baseball! Apparently, volleyball is the combination of the four different sports! Much credit is given to the basketball for playing a major role in ensuring the invention of the volleyball. Volleyball was then commonly known as Mintonette.

Volleyball made its first appearance in Canada in the year 1900 when it was included in the Ottawa branch of the YMCAs.It was during this year when the newly designed ball was introduced! Later on, Volleyball gained some small recognition and its spread to YMCAs IN the Montreal and Toronto. The YMCA began to include the volleyball game in their schedule. YMCA was then the only organized organization which really conducted major tournaments in Canada. it later gained recognition in overseas such as Russia, Asia and some parts any parts of the USA.

Notably, the volleyball game was relatively dormant in Canada just before the first world war. At this stage volleyball used to have a different set of rules such as it was a 21 point game which was played in a set and spike style. in the year 1916, volleyball received some changes where the offensive way of set and spike style was scrubbed off. Later on in the year 1917, the game points were changed to 15 from the initial 21 points. Notably, at this periods the game used to be played with no referees! other rules were gaining ground such as the back row attack rules and also the three hitting for a team, in the year 1920. In 1922, it was a historical season for the volleyball game where 27 teams participated in a major event held at Brooklyn, new York!

volleyball history

Between the periods 1928,1930 and 1934, Volleyball had really gained ground and the United States volleyball association was formed in 1928. The first ever Beach volleyball was later held in the year 1930 and the 1934 marked the introduction of the referees in a volleyball game.

The creation of the FIVP which stands for the Federation Internationale De Volleyball after the second world war really saw the volleyball game gain greater recognition and it started participating even in major tournaments.

Upon formation of the FIVP, Canada joined them in 1953. later in the same year, Canada founded the Canadian Volleyball Association. Afterwards, volleyball was now among the well-organised types of games and it made its first entry in the Tokyo Olympic games in the year 1964. The California beach volleyball Association was immediately formed after the Tokyo Olympics in the year 1965.

The formation of new sets of organizations in both USA and Canada really saw the volleyball game gains the recognition and it even managed to introduce women to the game! in the year 1975, women’s volleyball team was actually doing their practice! Later on, after Canada successfully hosted the 1976 Montreal Olympic games, the first junior men’s and women’s world championship was held in the year 1977!

Thanks to William G Morgan who made all the steps to see the game of volleyball invented! its now among the major games that’s actually known globally and have won the hearts of many fans in the world!